Romantic and Candlelit Elopement at Mansion 54

March 28, 2021

This Mansion 54 elopement was a dream come true for Heather and Daniel. Right from the get go they had a vision of a picturesque and candle lit ceremony. After seeing their vision we immediately recommended Mansion 54, a historic jewel in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District, with no shortage of amazing photo backdrops.

Take a look at how Heather and Daniel’s Las Vegas elopement vision came to life!

Las Vegas Elopement


I would describe our wedding as intimate romantic warm candlelit whimsical. 

Las Vegas Wedding
Las Vegas, Mansion 54 elopement
Las Vegas Elopement


So Daniel and I had just built a house together and in December I was hoping he would propose. Two weeks before Christmas on my way to work Daniel sent me a text message. “I think after the holidays you need to find a new place to live”. Naturally, I panicked and was hurt and didn’t understand what was happening. We never have fights so I don’t know what went wrong. I spent the entire day crying. When I got home I was trying to hold it together so the kids wouldn’t have any idea, thinking we can work through it. He walked in and finally came into the kitchen and asked each of the kids if they wanted this life. They were beyond confused and said yes, I cringed when he asked  my oldest who responded “ aggggh….. yeah.” The he asked me, still thinking my world was imploding I got choked up and said of course. Then he pulled a box out of his pocket and got down on his knee and asked me. Still to this day the meanest prank he’s ever played on me. 

Las Vegas Elopement
Mansion 54 Elopement
Las Vegas Elopement


Initially a big family wedding, boho chic sunset with soft lighting.  We soon figured out I’m a horrible planner, and then covid hit so we decided just a simple romantic clean ceremony with lots of candles would be perfect.

Las Vegas Wedding
Las Vegas Elopement
Las Vegas Wedding


A few days before we reached out to Elopement Las Vegas we decided that we were going to take a trip for Daniel’s birthday to Vegas. Then we looked at each other one night and said let’s just get married, it had been almost 3 years that we had been engaged. We already had the suit and the dress. So we reached out with ideas and everything fell into place and our vision was exactly what was provided and exceeded our expectations. It was all perfect and easy with no stress at all. 

Mansion 54 Las Vegas
Elopement Las Vegas
Las Vegas Elopement


Daniel got his suit from Banana Republic and had it fitted to him which made it look amazing! My dress was made in Turkey by La Sirena Dresses, Burch the owner/designer was amazing to work with and made sure my dress was original and not something multiple people would have. 

Las Vegas Wedding
Las Vegas Elopement


The most memorable moment was the champagne toast, I was totally drinking it and refilling and drinking more for the video and pictures. I hadn’t eaten all day and was getting tipsy. I looked at Daniel and asked him how he was not getting tipsy like me. He responded that he wasn’t actually drinking it, he was just holding it up to his lips. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that but it was a good laugh. 

Las Vegas Mansion 54 Elopement
Las Vegas Wedding


I was exhausted trying to plan a large wedding originally , but I realized I was planning that wedding for everyone else. Sometimes you forget that this is about you and your significant other. So when it comes to your wedding sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and keep it small and about just the two of you. Connecting for the right reasons means more than the big event to please everyone else. We had a great time, you and your team (Martha especially) were perfect and made this day so special and it was everything and more!

Las Vegas Wedding Photography
Las Vegas Elopement

Feel Focus Photography captured the energy and the sweet moments of Heather and Daniel’s Elopement.

If you are interested in having your elopement in Las Vegas, contact us for more information!


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