6 Adorable Ways You Can Include Your Pet in Your Elopement or Micro Wedding

April 8, 2022

Couples usually ask us if there’s any way that they can include their pets on their big day. The answer is yes! After all, your pets are with you for all of your other adventures, so why wouldn’t they be there on your wedding day? Keep scrolling below for some inspiration on how you can include your furry family members in your elopement (whether they can attend or will be there in spirit).

6 Adorable Ways You Can Include Your Pet in Your Elopement or Micro Wedding
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Bring Them to the Bridal Suite

While you’re getting ready for your wedding day, have your furry little ones by your side! Not only will your photographer be able to capture some precious photos, but you won’t have to count on someone to watch your pets while you’re getting ready for the day. Make sure that you have water, food or treats on hand in case you need them!

6 Adorable Ways You Can Include Your Pet in Your Elopement or Micro Wedding
Photo via Equally Wed

Include Them In Your Wedding Portraits

Who doesn’t want to frame an adorable family photo that includes your pets?! While you’re capturing your classic bridal portraits, plan ahead to get a few with your pets while you have your photographer. It may be helpful to have someone at your elopement location that can help watch your pets while you’re off taking photos together. We’re also happy to help with this task!

Walk Down the Aisle Together

Most of our couples choose to elope without guests or additional family members present, which presents the perfect opportunity for your pet to be a part of the ceremony. Let them walk you down the aisle, supply the rings and stand by your side at the altar while you exchange vows and seal it with a kiss.

Include Them in Your Vows

In some cases, your pet may not be able to travel and attend your ceremony with you. If that’s the case, you can still include them on your wedding day in your vows! We’ve seen some of our couples with their pets (and other family members!) on Skype of FaceTime so that they can watch the ceremony.

Feature Them On Your Custom Creations

If you’re planning any custom save-the-dates, invitations or signage, consider adding a photo or sketch of your pet to the design. Some of our favorite ways to include them is on welcome signs, cocktail or dessert napkins, koozies and more. There are so many ways that you can have fun with it!

Dance Together at the Reception

Once the party starts, make sure you’re furry family members are in still in attendance. Hop out on the dance floor together to share a first family dance, or show off your pets best tricks for everyone to see. Make sure that you get some quality photos or video footage of this moment — it will be so fun to watch each year on your anniversary!

Looking for some more information for eloping with your pets including a packing checklist and Leave No Trace tips? Check out this guide over on Epic Elopement.


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