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July 24, 2019

An intimate reading of their vows, followed by a first dance between just the two of them.  It was sweet, simple and yet so incredibly romantic. 


Intimate, Peaceful, & Unique


Steve and I are both huge football fans, however we root for rival teams. He’s unfortunately a Buffalo Bills fan, and I a New England Patriots fan. It’s a constant battle. Two years ago we saw the teams play each other in the home of the Bills, New Era Stadium. But this year, we went to Gillette, the home of the Patriots. It was my first time visiting my favorite team’s stadium and I couldn’t have been more excited – or so I thought. At some point during a meaningless play, my friend text me. I was looking at my phone too much and Steve asked what I was doing? Who I was talking to? Without even looking up, I responded jokingly, “It’s Genevieve, she was really hoping you proposed at the game, she was convinced you would.” Steve just simply said, “oh yeah?”, as he gently poked me in my side. I turned around and to my surprise, he was holding the ring, “are you ready to marry me?” And so I said yes to a lifetime of rivalry!


From day one, we really didn’t want a big wedding. We didn’t want the stress and financial burden. And I knew I wanted something unique and intimate for just Steve and I. That’s what it’s supposed to be all about, right?! This was a difficult decision to break to our families, but not a difficult one for us to make! We decided it would just be the two of us. We wanted to travel and we wanted it to be outdoors in nature. So we began to plan a three week, multi-city journey and we would get married somewhere along the way!


I sat at my computer and began typing “elopement ideas”, and cringed at that very word as I did so. It felt like I was cheapening the experience and I could hear our families disappointment in the back of my head. Was I really making the right choice? Do people really use fake silk flowers in this day in age? Will it feel special enough? That is, until I found Emily and Las Vegas Elopements! She offered exactly what I envisioned, but didn’t even know existed. She had a comprehensive package that included things I still really cared about: photography, (real) flowers, music, cake, champagne and beautiful natural backdrops to choose from – and all for just the two of us! I couldn’t stop looking at her website, blogs, and Instagram to see more, and the rest is history! Emily and Samantha made everything easy and it was exactly what we envisioned. 


Dress: Lulus  

Hair Piece: David’s Bridal

Suit: Calvin Klein & Kenneth Cole

His Shoes: APT.9

My whole outfit: dress, shoes and accessories were under $300 combined. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day!  


Don’t listen to what everyone else wants. Do what makes the two of you happy and don’t have any regrets about it. If you do have a large wedding, make sure to carve out some special moments for just the two of you. We ended up with three weeks of special memories instead of just one night!

Photography by Kristen Joy Photography https://kristenjoyphoto.com/


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