Valley Of Fire Wedding | Elopement Las Vegas

August 4, 2019

Brittney and Justin’s elopement in the Valley of Fire had everything we love about adventure elopements: breathtaking scenery, unique style, and sentimental details. 


My wedding was absolutely perfect! It was intimate, private, and so special! Surrounded by close friends and family, I couldn’t have asked for more!


I had been out of town during the week of Valentine’s for work, while I was gone, I had gotten the flu and completely lost my voice,  little did I know, Justin had been planning a huge surprise weekend for me when I got back! My flight home was coming in super late and I was hesitant to drive home on the icy roads, it’s a 3 hour drive on good roads! The plane was overbooked and they offered to put me in a hotel there for the night and have me fly out first thing in the morning, I called Justin to let him know and after a long pause, he told me, that he had taken off work, rented a car and was heading to Salt Lake to surprise me and pick me up and drive me home so I could sleep! I felt sooo bad!! My plane flew out at 6 am the next morning, so he stayed in salt lake and we rode home together, when I got home, the house had been decorated with rose petals and candles and other goodies, everywhere, he had planned this big candle lit moment for the night before! I felt terrible for ruining his plans! He then told me to get packed and he drove me up to Jackson Hole, WY, I was super sick still and had hardly any voice, I slept most of the way, when we got there, we were at the  most beautiful lodge and spent some time in the hot tub and then proceeded to go out, he took me to an amazing restaurant and wanted to go take me dancing, but I was so sick and we decided to go back to the lodge for a minute, it was getting late and he could tell I was not feeling well, so he asked me to just come walk down town for a minute, we went to town square to get our picture taken under the antler arches, he had someone secretly record it, and he got down under the arch and asked me to be his wife! With no voice, I still managed to say yes! We spent the rest of the weekend, snowboarding & relaxing in a winter wonderland! 


Both Justin and I have been previously married, we had talked about doing a destination wedding, but it was so chaotic trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules. I had searched high and low for the perfect venue. We didn’t want a typical wedding,  with a typical reception. We wanted something different!


After many many many hours spent searching and calling and getting quotes and working with destination planners and various hotels etc, i was exhausted! Planning wasn’t fun anymore! I didn’t want to stress about my wedding as I already am super busy with my career. I didn’t want to worry about picking up my bouquet or ordering decorations etc. I just wanted to show up and have fun! I have no idea how I had stumbled across Elopement Las Vegas website, but when I did, I got so excited and sent it to Justin! He told me it looked perfect and the rest was history. The amount of peace and ease I felt after choosing this was uncanny! It seriously made my experience 20x better than I could have ever expected


I tried on SO many dresses locally, and ended up taking a huge risk and ordered my dress from Almour the Label! My dress was exactly what I had been looking for! I added a waist belt and other accessories to glam it up a little and it ended up being perfect! 

For the groom, we ended up finding his outfit at Dillard’s and I am not sure where we got his shoes from. We just wanted it to be simple and easy! 

For our kids, I ended up getting suspenders off amazon and found their bottoms at target and tops at Children’s Place! I spent a lot of time planning outfits and searching high and low and piecing them together, but they worked out perfectly in the end!


My husband is notoriously late, lol and that wasn’t any exception for our wedding, he was panicking as he rushed to make it on time to begin pictures, he was so worried about everyone being upset by his late arrival, but when we got there, Samantha ( our coordinator) & Kassie ( Our photographer) were SO amazing at calming the situation and reassuring us that everything was just fine! They immediately made us feel so welcome and were so fun and nice! I feel so fortunate to have them on our day! We got super lucky with an overcast day so the heat wasn’t extreme, we were worried about everyone sweating and being miserable, but we totally lucked out! Everything was perfect, from the music, to the cake, to my bouquet,, to the overall flow of events! Holy cow I am still obsessed with that bouquet! Our officiator did an incredible job with our ceremony and made it so personal and special! We are extremely grateful for the hard work and organization of our wedding! I wouldn’t change a thing! 


I promise you, that you will not regret choosing to do an elopement style ceremony, make it YOUR day! Make is special! Make it personal and romantic! Most brides will tell you, that they hardly remember much about there wedding day, but for me, I will remember every detail of mine, because it was absolutely perfect! And not to mention, you can save money in your pocket to go on an epic honeymoon with your spouse, rather then spend it on table decorations that will get thrown away! Memories made and time spent together was far more important to me, than spending thousands on decorations that I will never see again! 

Photography by Feel and Focus Photography


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