Do’s and Don’ts of Inviting Guests to your Elopement Ceremony | Elopement Las Vegas

January 30, 2018

Trying to figure out whether to elope or not can be a hard decision. Many couples come to us worried that they will let down family and friends if they do not invite everyone to their wedding.  Although traditionally speaking, elopements were thought of as a couple running off to get married and being sworn to secrecy. This however is simply not the case anymore. Many couples are opting to elope and are excited to share this celebration with their family and friends.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering an elopement style wedding:

1. DO: Let your loved ones know about your marriage and elopement

Before sharing your marriage with the world ( particularly social media), inform the people closest to you first. If you don’t let your loved ones know first some of them might get hurt because they feel left in the dark and less important.

3. DO: Invite friends and family for a post-wedding celebration
One way to avoid hurt feelings is to invite the people close to you for a post-wedding celebration. It can be as simple as a dinner or a house party where they can hear about how your elopement went. This is the perfect time to share photos from your elopement as well!
4. DO: Ask for discretion from invited guests
When inviting your guests, make sure to let them know about your plan to keep the wedding a secret to avoid unwanted calls from people who weren’t invited.
5.  DO: Invest in a professional wedding photographer
Whether you’re going to the courthouse or not, it is still important to document your wedding. You are likely to get married only once in your life, so you should have high quality photos to look back on. ! Of course, you will want to share this moment with friends and family through photos.

6. DON’T: Feel pressured to invite certain people to your wedding

Again, remember why you opted for an elopement style wedding in the first place. Most likely it’s because you wanted to keep it as intimate as possible with just the two of you and some very close family and friends.

7. DON’T: Plan your wedding according to your guests’ preferences

Elopement style weddings focus on what the couple wants. You are free to pick the time and place where your wedding will be most memorable for you. Unlike traditional weddings, luxury elopements focus on the experience and needs of the couple and not what everyone else wants.


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