Why Couples Are Beginning To Prefer Elopements And Intimate Weddings Over Large, Over-the-Top Weddings In Las Vegas

June 22, 2018

I am sure you have heard the term elopement in the past and it surely isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days where couples came to Vegas and had Elvis marry them in a small, gaudy (old) chapel. The Knot just reported that millennials are “more interested in celebrating marriage with a more affordable, intimate wedding than a big, expensive bash.”

Photo by Haley Nord

Me? I’m not surprised. This generation is getting more and more practical about what they spend their money on. I mean let’s get real, life is expensive! Getting engaged, navigating career paths, buying a house, thinking about having children… that all adds up! Couples are choosing intimate weddings over large, expensive celebrations and are choosing to spend their money on things like traveling, and a mortgage. Now that is practical!

Photo by The Emerics 

Whether you call it an elopement, pop-up wedding, micro-wedding, intimate wedding (you get the idea) here at Las Vegas Desert Elopements we invite you with open arms to explore what our city has to offer (outside of the chapel, of course). To read more about the current trend in elopements and intimate weddings over on The Knot, click here! 

 Photo by Kristen Joy 

Photo by Kristen Joy 


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