Glam Elopement in the Desert | A Red Rock Canyon Elopement in Las Vegas

November 28, 2018


The wedding was absolutely PERFECT! It was intimate, romantic (as much as either of us could stand lol), personalized to reflect US, simple in a good way, and loving. 

**On a side note, you could not have done a better job planning, decorating, and coordinating it for us! I would not have changed anything. 


We had discussed getting engaged, and even bought the ring together, so I knew the proposal was coming. Neither of us are super romantic or elaborate, but Jim planned a romantic proposal while we were back home in Florida last Christmas. We both love to fish, so he was going to take me to the beach and ask me to marry him while fishing… BUT I accidentally threw our bait away, and it was too late to get more, so we weren’t able to go fishing. Of course I would ruin this plan lol. 

Instead, he waited until we got back to North Carolina and proposed to me while I was getting ready to head back to work after Christmas vacation… in the bathroom, while I was straightening my hair. Not the most romantic or “traditional” proposals, but it was perfect and suited us more than something elaborate!


Our vision for the wedding was simplicity and intimacy. My side of the family experienced a great deal of loss this year, and our originally planned “traditional” wedding became too much of a stress for both of us during this time. We instead decided to elope and have just a few of our loved ones join us. I wanted something unique to us, but with traditional touches here and there. With your help, we were able to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding with little to no stress. 


Everything was taken care of for us! Once I let go of my control issues and trusted your expertise, it was easy as pie! I would do it again in a second!


I did not want a traditional wedding dress, and honestly I can’t stand wearing the color white. I went with a fitted sequined formal gown by Adrianna Papell in a color called “Lead”. As soon as I saw the color, I knew it would look gorgeous up against the red rocks in Ash Springs. 

Jim has served 18 years in the Coast Guard and is from a Coastie family… wearing his dress blues (Bravos) was important to him and his family. Plus, he looked sexy in them… who doesn’t love a man in uniform?!?!


Judy pronouncing us husband and wife was pretty awesome, but really, the entire time in Ash Springs was amazing. The weather was perfect, Kristen made us feel so comfortable taking pictures, the words spoken by Judy were heartfelt and fit us… it was all just PERFECT! I got into the limo to head back to the hotel and immediately turned to Jim and said that I want to do it all over again… I don’t know many other brides that can say that after a huge, busy wedding. 

Above all, the thing that I remember most after this crappy year is just a feeling of complete happiness. Perfect way to end this year. 


If anyone is seeking a non-traditional, intimate wedding I would HIGHLY recommend eloping. I was a little nervous when we first made the decision and had questions about whether family and friends would be disappointed, but in the end, the day is about you and your significant other. I loved every second of it and would literally do it all over again today if I could! 

Las Vegas Elopement Planning & Design: Desert Elopement Las Vegas 

Photography: Kristen Joy 

Floral: City Blossoms 

Officiant: Wedding Vows Las Vegas 


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