Spring Mountain Ranch Wedding | Las Vegas Elopement

May 16, 2019

Dia & Justin April 27, 2019


Breath-taking and unforgettable


Our proposal was apparently done prematurely. He had big plans to do it up in the mountains in Colorado where we live now, but when he picked up the ring we were just heading to visit family back home in Omaha. It must have been eating a hole in his pocket as he was too anxious to wait two more weeks until he had his next week off. It was then that he decided to do an impromptu proposal. We had a date night planned already and he thought he would take that opportunity then. We went to  our go-to dinner place, Bravo, and all of a sudden towards the end of dinner he quickly said “we have to leave”. I looked at him confused, “ok? Why?”  Apparently we had to go pick my brother up, or so he said.. now Justin is not the best, sneakiest lier, so I was thinking something was weird. We get in the car and he starts going the wrong way. He then tells me we have to pick him up at Oscars, we pass our turn, I look at him like “um did you mean Clancy’s?” (Another similar place near each other) he’s just smiling trying to come up with another lie so he just laughs, so then I start laughing. Next thing I know we turned into Zorinsky Lake and Park. This is the place where we first hung out, we would go there often for walks and talks, and where we even went to open the envelope that said the gender of our baby. This place held a special place in both our hearts. We walk to “our bench” laughing and smiling as we both knew what was kind of happening. We sit down and he starts talking about us and his love for me and he stands up, grabs my hands to do the same, finishes his ‘speech’ and gets down on one knee to pop the question. Obviously I said yes! 


The vision I/we wanted was something simple yet statement worthy if that makes sense. I knew we could have something that had beauty all on its own to compliment the beauty of our love.  Cheesy, I know! 


We got engaged in October 2018 and didn’t want to waste much time planning our wedding so we decided April 2019 to get married. Certainly, we still wanted to give guests enough time to plan. 

It was an easy decision as to where and with who we were going to get married. I had been following @Elopementslasvegas since before I got engaged because we already had talked about running off to Vegas. I loved everything they do! They made a special moment a beautiful memory and not a cheesy Vegas wedding. It was everything worthy of magazines and Instagram in my opinion, because hey! – that mattered to me! : ) 

Other than deciding on that, that’s really all that was needing planned! Emily took care of it all for us! So easy and stress-free! Even when there was a hang-up with location due to the government shut-down, Emily worked with me to still get what I was wanting/hoping for. 

All I needed to do from there when that got decided was pick out my bouquet and cake flavor, tell her how many chairs I needed, songs to be played, and what I was wanting for an alter space and POOF! She planned it! 

I had all the confidence I needed in knowing it was going to look as amazing as it did from the brand she markets of her company. So when you have that, why would you, yourself, need to plan anything? 


Bride Dress: Pronovias Vicenta. —- Earings- Kendra Scott.  Shoes – Lulu’s.com

Grooms Suit: Nordstrom -Hugo Boss —Tie- Rooster

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu’s.com. —- Earrings Francesca’s

Groomsmen: Menguin.com —- Ties Micheal Kors

 My dress kind of fell into my lap, I tried it on and fit like a glove, aside from needing to get it shortened. With not having lots of planning time for ordering a dress, my options were limited. I was very lucky this one worked out for me. 

Justin purchased the first suit he tried on. He was more concerned about getting the color he wanted right. It helped that his suit fit him like a glove too with only needing his jacket arm length shortened just a tad. He thought if it fit that good it had to be meant to be, that or he just didn’t want to have to go shop some more. 

The bridesmaids dresses turned out amazing! I wanted everyone to pick there own style/color they liked that they would also feel comfortable in. I had a few colors they could all pick from, but lucky for me it turned into the perfect shades of the canyon. That was definitely not planned but so glad it worked out that way because it couldn’t be more dreamy! It also really somehow worked out with the bouquets matching in all the shades too. 

The groomsens suits were rented from Menguin.com which every single groom needs to utilize for their own wedding! Such a seamless process for setup and payment. No one has to get measured or fo anywhere, but just answer a quick, easy online questionnaire and they mail it out to everyone 14 days prior to wedding day. You try on at home, if you don’t like the way it fits, mail back and they send you a new one in time for the wedding. Then when wedding is over you just mail it back. Works great for busy men who don’t want to go get measured then go back to pick up and to drop off.   We provided the Micheal Kors ties as part of the gift. Each tie was same color but slightly different pattern. 


Two of my most memorable moments from our wedding was when I came around the corner, as I was walking down the aisle, I saw the most beautiful man and back-drop I could ever imagine. I mostly looked at my man so I didn’t get to take in my surroundings completely, but when it got over I turned back and literally my jaw dropped it was so beautiful. Just that moment to let the setting sink in, really was amazing! — Justin would like to add his memorable moment being me walking down the aisle.

The other memorable moment was the pastor/officiant we had marry us. We absolutely loved the message he said and also the gift of rubber bands he gave. I had never heard or seen a rubber band be analogized for marriage, but it was done perfectly! That was my favorite part! We both are not letting them out of our sight they are that special to us now. 

It was also so great to hear from our guests the comments about everything. They were just as impressed and amazed as we were. Some memorable quotes 

Brother in law to his wife “god can we get married again and do it here” 

“Oh. My. Gosh. Dia. This is so beautiful if I was going to get married in Vegas this is how I would want it!!” 


 The only advice I have for other couples is to make your life easier and just get married with Desert Elopements Las Vegas. Once you do, all you have to do is trust Emily with all the plans so you can worry more about saying your I do’s, not getting wrapped up in the details of planning it all that you lose sight of what the day is truly supposed to be about. When you do that, I can promise you that not only will you live more in the moment that day, but it creates a more deep experience. 

Photography : Lianna Marie


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