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July 10, 2019

Danni and Craig’s Red Rock Canyon elopement was a wild and free celebration in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!


I would say easy… intimate… perfect. 


Haha well it’s abit daggy really… we are relatively quiet shy people and I had already given him the talk about not asking me embarrassingly in a public place – not cool! so we had a romantic dinner and when I got home i started to get changed into my PJs and he came in with our two dogs laughing at me because I was half naked at that moment when he unexpectedly dropped a knee and asked me to marry him … I of course said yes 


We loved the idea of marrying in Vegas but didn’t love the idea of anything too cheesy… the desert gave us the perfect backdrop for timeless interesting photos to keep forever. We wanted quiet peaceful and calm.. just us no pressure or stress… above all else I think it was a feeling rather than a look or a “vision”..


Well a few emails went back and forward and otherwise there wasn’t much else to do except show up! I have friends who are planning large family weddings at the moment completely stressed out of their heads with details and planning, I honestly couldn’t relate to any of it… it gave me time to focus on just feeling the joy and excitement !!


Well we wanted something traditional, to be timeless… I love old elegant, vintage, glam Hollywood style so I tried to incorporate a little of that style without turning it into a costume wedding… my dress and Craig’s suit traveled with us in carry on the whole way from Australia, we brought them locally in our home town, nothing fancy my dress was an off the rack sale dress by Sophia Tolli. Something extra special to me that I wore on the day was my pearl earrings, they where a gift given to me as a child from my great great grandmother who has now passed and they are extremely dear to me.


 Laughing alot. Probably too much, I don’t think we got a single serious photo in the lot! We also got a great round of applause from some onlookers which was hilarious… But all in all it was a very unique experience and the day was nothing but joy, getting to really take in the moment with my best friend. No distractions. No regrets either !! 


DO IT…. we are literally still traveling and holidaying as I write this a month after our wedding day. And it still cost less than what a big wedding would of without the awesome experience and story! It was romantic and downright FUN. At the end of the day it’s about you guys not everyone else…. xx 

 Photography by: The Emerics

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