Bride Wears Pink Dress For Elopement At Red Rock Canyon | Elopement Las Vegas

October 7, 2019

Courtney and Jeff eloped in Las Vegas this Fall and our bride chose a PINK wedding dress , how awesome right?! Read more here about this gorgeous and SWEET couple !


Intimate, beautiful, perfection! 


Nothing romantic but sweet. He asked me if I wanted to go to a local taco place in downtown where we had our first date. I thought it was odd because we had not been back since that day but I didn’t think much about it. So Saturday night we go to the restaurant eat, chat, and laugh like we always have. Towards the end of dinner he fumbled in his pants and pulled out a box and gave it to me and asked if I wanted to know the real reason he brought me to that restaurant. I immediately knew then and tears filled my eyes and he asked if I would be his wife. After we left the restaurant we went back to our car which was parked in a church parking lot (which we got parking tickets for on our first date) and made out, just like our first date ).


Simple, stress free, beautiful, non cliche, inexpensive is what we wanted. We didn’t want to have to stress about guests, arrangements, food, anything! I knew I didnt want a traditional church wedding. When Jeff mentioned Vegas I was game for it but not the cheesy Vegas chapel weddings. The only thing I wanted was amazing pictures to remember the day by and my hair and make up done. After doing some googling about eloping to Vegas I saw desert weddings and was sold! Mountain landscape backdrop, everything we needed was included. I got my amazing pictures and the ceremony was at sunset which made it 10 times better. 


We got engaged on August 10 and knew we didn’t want a long engagement. We had already been together for a few years so we did not see a point in it. We were just ready to get married. I did research on eloping in Vegas and came across Elopement Las Vegas. I told Jeff if they had a location and a date before September then we should do it on the long Labor Day weekend. I messaged Emily about the date and location We wanted (Red Rock Canyon) and a few questions and she replied and said the day and location was available. Booked it! That was it! I booked my own hair and make up which was simple. Emily and her team took care of everything else! 


The only stress I had was the outfits. Mine mainly. I am a jumpsuit fan! Love them! I had always wanted to wear a jumpsuit but knew I didn’t want to wear white. I had my hopes set on a blush jumpsuit but the problem was I only had 2 weeks to find one and get alterations done (ya know, because I’m 5’1”). I went crazy shopping online and in local stores in my hometown. It was hard! I realized that my dream of wearing a blush jumpsuit might not happen so I switched gears and started looking at blush dresses. Easier but still stressful for someone who is indecisive AND ordering online is hard because you can’t try it on on top of being only 2 weeks out. I ended up ordering 4 jumpsuits and 5 dresses. One jumpsuit I liked but it wasn’t right for the ceremony (ended up wearing it to our post ceremony dinner). The other jumpsuits did not fit well. A few dresses were meh. The last dress I tried on was the winner. Simple and elegant. It was actually a bridesmaid dress from a local boutique. Halter dress with a tie waist. Had a Grecian Goddess look to it. I knew it would photograph well. I wore flat sandals (couldn’t see them anyway) and had my hair done up in a loose bun with a braid (to go along with the goddess look of the dress). Makeup was done with mauve colors. I felt stunning. Jeff was easy. He just wore a black suit and white button down shirt. Don’t guys always have it easy? 


Seeing the smile on Jeff’s face and feeling like it was just him and I in that moment. Also, Jeff being his dramatic self thinking we were going to get ran over while we took a few pictures in the NON BUSY road….


If you are thinking of booking Desert Elopement Las Vegas, just do it. I would not change a single thing about our day. I got everything I wanted and more. It wasn’t about figuring out the seating for the guests or food it was about him and I. Nothing else mattered. Us and our closest family and friends in a canyon having our moment. 

Photography by Ashlyn Savannah


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