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October 23, 2019

Shelby and Brett’s elopement was perfect and more importantly to them,  it was EASY. They chose the naturally beautiful Red Rock Canyon and the rest of the planning was smooth sailing from there!


Perfect! Seamlessly, easy, and exactly what we wanted. 


This day was crazy and one that I will always remember! Keep in mind, Brett and I have been together for 5 years so it takes a lot to get anything past me! It was Valentine’s Day, I was scheduled to get dental work done that day so we planned dinner at the house. Brett ordered 2 dozen roses to be delivered to my office that ended up getting delivered to my co-worker by accident- first oops of the day! I was running late to my dentist appointment- speeding with flowers in the front seat, driving with one hand, trying to call my dentist office- I get pulled over for speeding! Luckily no ticket and ended up being so late to my appointment they couldn’t do anything that day. Finally get home, Brett is cooking dinner- steaks from our favorite butcher shop, sides from our favorite restaurant, nice bottle of Caymus wine, and Ray LaMontagne playing in the background- which is the music he would play when he would cook for me when we first started dating. We talked about how our day went while feeding our dogs carrots in the kitchen- they love them! I remember turning around and Brett was on one knee with our pups all around and asked me to marry him. Of course I scream Yes! and cried! He said he knew he wanted our pups to be there and that I would be suspicious if he tried anything out of the norm. It was perfect and it was Us! 


We wanted our wedding to be more about our love for each other so some big extravagant wedding was not at all what either of us wanted. We both wanted something small and uniquely different. We also wanted a location that was naturally beautiful so that we didn’t have to over spend on decorations that we would most likely never use again. We usually go to Vegas at least once a year and everyone always asks if we are there to run away and get married. Which neither of us wanted get married without our families there. Brett had his annual sales meeting there this year and I was flying out to hangout with him anyway so I said “Let’s just do it- lets just go out in the desert and get married and tell our families to meet us out there”. It would be a fun little getaway for them too. We wanted something short and sweet- we’ve been together for 5 years so we were basically married without the paperwork. 


The first thing on my list was a photographer because the pictures are always so important. At the time I wasn’t even thinking that I needed a wedding planner or any of that stuff. But I am SO glad that I did! I looked up wedding photographers in Vegas and couldn’t find anything that I liked. So I went on Instagram and hashtagged #vegasweddingphotographer and that’s how I came across Kassie’s photos and fell in love! I reached out to her and when I asked her about the decor in one of the photo-shoots, she mentioned Elopement Las Vegas! Planning from there on was smooth and easy! The hardest part was picking out music- which says a lot! 


I wore a traditional wedding dress. Kept the jewelry minimal. Brett wore navy suit and pearl white tie. I did color coordinate our families with navy blue and blush pink. 


This is a hard question! My dad walking with me and giving me away! Brett crying when he first saw me in my dress! The amazing view! My bouquet, the cake, the list could go on and on! 


 Your wedding day is YOUR day so do it your way! Elopement Las Vegas and their team is great to work with and makes the entire process SO easy. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! 

Photography by Feel and Focus Photography


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