Couple Has Mountain Scenery Elopement To Match Their Mountain Tattoos | Elopement Las Vegas

November 7, 2019

Amanda and Junior absolutely love mountains and their scenery. Since it was their “happy place”, they knew that’s exactly the backdrop they wanted for their ceremony! The brought their closest friends and family to Red Rock Canyon and had an elopement full of tears (happy ones), laughter, and amazing memories.


I just want to say how amazing everything was. Between the wedding coordinator Martha, Ashlyn our photographer and Angie who married us. It literally felt like I had known all of you and met together multiple times since we booked 9 months ago when it was actually the first time we had all met.


We had been together for 8 years when we decided to take a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. While we were there we got on the conversation of being engaged. The next day he went and picked out a ring in Mexico that was 140 pesos and told me we would get something once we got back home, which that one is the one I wear now but I still have my “engagement” ring.


Junior and I had always talked about getting married outside of our home town. Once we had been engaged almost a year I really started to research elopements. My aunt had mentioned someone getting married in Vegas and I knew it’s an affordable place to travel to for family and close friends so that’s when I found desert elopements. Once I saw the pictures of how gorgeous a small short ceremony could be, I knew I wanted to book with Emily.


Emily made it so easy to figure out which vendors I wanted to use. Even when I wasn’t sure, she was just an email, text or phone call away if I needed some help. Everything went so smooth, all of my guests had the best time even at the wedding venue and complimented how smooth everything went even though we had just met the wedding coordinator and Angie (the person marrying us).


My dress, belt and hair piece came from Amy’s Bridal in Kennewick, WA. Amy’s was amazing to work with, I’m from Yakima, WA and it was worth the hour drive there to get it. 

His tux came from men’s warehouse. It worked out so easily when traveling because we could get fitted in our home town but pick up in Vegas so it was one less thing we had to pack. 


I feel like everything was so memorable but definitely the fact that everyone at the wedding was in happy tears. I ended up making it all the way up front to Junior when I had a melt down. I was so happy to finally be getting married after 10 years of being with my best friend. 


 If you are looking for a small intimate wedding, there is no doubt in my mind that you should look into desert elopements. I wasn’t stressed, had an amazing time and everything turned out so gorgeous. This is going to be a wedding story that we will be talking about for the rest of our lives and pictures that are breath taking.


My family is into hunting, fishing and being in the mountains period. When junior and I first met he wasn’t into that sort of stuff, interested but never had someone to show him. The first time he met my family I took him camping and ever since then he’s been taking on hobbies – he hunts now, we go camping multiple times a year and we love just going up in the mountains. 

I had talked about getting some sort of tattoos together before the wedding and we decided that the mountains our both our happy place which is why we decided to get the mountains scenery with the evergreens. 

Photography by Ashlynn Savannah


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