Kirsten & Leslie’s Wedding at Red Rock Canyon Overlook

August 1, 2020

elope las vegas


Unforgettable. Intimate. Unique

elope las vegas
elope las vegas


Surrounded by family and friends, Leslie proposed at our baby shower back in October. At the time we’d been together for 10 years and I knew we were bound to get married. However, at that moment I was too busy focusing on baby and his arrival that I was really surprised when he did.

las vegas elopement


When we first started talking about getting married we knew we wanted something small and more intimate. We were really just thinking about what to wear because we both were so ready go down to the courthouse…that is until I found Elopement Las Vegas! To be able to have a beautiful, intimate wedding that showcased other sites in Nevada besides the Strip really appealed to me. I wanted something different and memorable. And for us to have a ceremony outdoors changed my vision completely and Elopement Las Vegas made it so easy! All I had to do was tell them a date, location, what kind of bouquet I wanted and Emily and her team took care of everything.

elope las vegas
red rock canyon wedding


Elopement Las Vegas made the whole process SO easy. They take care of the location, the officiant, the flowers, the cake, etc. I really just had to find a dress and show up! Due to Covid and our parents not being able to fly in from Hawaii, we had to shrink our guest list even smaller. Not to mention change our original date as well. Despite all of that Elopement Las Vegas took care of the location and vendors and rescheduled everything for us. I can’t thank them enough! I literally just waited for the day to marry my husband. I wasn’t stressed or worried about anything.

red rock canyon wedding
elope las vegas


We rented Leslie’s gray and black tux from Stitch & Tie. He wanted a tux that wasn’t just black or blue. He wanted to stand out, so he found one that had two contrasting colors instead. I got my dress from By Watters, and chose it because of its Bohemian laid back look. And it was sheer and flows which was perfect because the morning ceremony got hot real quick!  

cake and champagne mini reception
mini reception


Having our son present at our wedding was the most memorable moment for us. Also, we were blessed to have both of our brothers present even though our family couldn’t fly in. And we both loved that we got to take our beautiful wedding photos outdoors! It’ll be something that I cherish every day.

elope las vegas
elopement cake


If you’re thinking about doing a smaller and more intimate wedding, think no further and just go for it!  It was stress-free beginning, during, and end. And you get to really focus on each other and the people there that are present on that day. It was worth every penny and if I could do that day over I would in a heartbeat. It was truly so beautiful & everything I wanted without the worry or crazy expenses.

elope las vegas

Photography by The Emerics


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