How to Fly with Your Wedding Gown for Your Las Vegas Elopement

December 7, 2020

If you’re planning to fly with your wedding dress for your elopement, be sure to plan ahead of time – things could get tricky and you don’t need the added stress. Most airlines offer on-board closets that you can utilize, but here’s everything to do before check-in just in case.

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Call Your Airline

Every plane is different, so it’s best to call ahead and find out how your specific airline handles passengers traveling with large, delicate items (like gowns and tuxedos!). If they’ve experienced this in the past, they can probably provide the most accurate details for space, how to package your dress and more.

Pack Your Gown Carefully

If your dress has a long train, delicate lace or beading, be sure to pack it neatly to avoid damage. First, stick the hanger through the top of your garment bag and hang it up somewhere high (where your wedding dress can hang straight). Take the left side of the gown and the right side of the gown and fold them into each other toward the center. From there, take the bottom of your train and roll it up until the fabric is all inside of your garment bag. Once placed inside, zip up the bag carefully to make sure nothing gets caught.

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Try to Secure Priority Boarding

You’ve got better chances of stowing everything away easily if you’re one of the first ones on the plane! If you can’t board early, talk with the attendants at check-in to see if they can store it safely ahead of passengers boarding the plane. While there are usually no guarantees, attendants will typically do their best to help you out.

Make Sure Your Wedding Gown Complies with Your Airline’s Carry-on Policy

No one wants to end up with their wedding dress heading for the checked luggage area. Who knows what could happen to it once you can’t keep an eye out. It’s essential to verify that you’ll even be allowed to bring your wedding dress as a carry-on. Things to double check are the weight and size.

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If All Else Fails, Buy an Extra Ticket

Some brides (with the means to do so) will actually purchase an additional plane ticket just for their dress, so they can ensure it stays in tip top shape. Right now, there’s a possibility of empty seats on plane rides. So, there’s a chance that the airline will allow you to take advantage of an empty seat for your dress too. 

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Don’t Forget to Pack a Steamer

Once you land, you’ll probably want to smooth out any wrinkles right away so they don’t sit for a long time. Pack a portable steamer in your suitcase that you can use once you’ve arrived at your destination. When steaming your dress, be sure to steam the underside of your dress (not the top!) so you don’t cause any damage to beading or lace. It’s also recommended to put a sock over the top of your steamer to ensure there’s no water spots.


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