4 Unique Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

January 18, 2021

It’s always a sad moment when your wedding day flowers die. Those beautiful blooms are a wonderful reminder of the big day and your walk down the aisle. Unless, that is, you choose to preserve your wedding floral! There are a lot of options when it comes to how to preserve your flowers, but the key thing to remember is – the sooner you preserve them, the better! We’re sharing a few fun ideas for how to preserve yours below.

Photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

If you’ve never preserved flowers before, you may want to leave it to the pros! Working with delicate floral can be tricky, especially when trying to dry it out while preserving color, shape and petal placement.The process of working with a professional can take longer, so it’s best to plan ahead for this to make sure that your flowers make it into their hands with enough time. Check with your favorite local florist and wedding florist to learn more about their floral preservation options.

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Press Your Flowers

Pressing your flowers is an easy way to preserve them, however they will lose their 3D shape. If you’re a fan of making them flat, they will look great inside a frame that you can then display in your home. You can also glue them into your guestbook or wedding photo album, place them into a phone case or turn them into floral paperweights. 

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Turn Your Flowers Into an Heirloom

We love the idea of adding petals from your bouquet and floral pieces into the heart of a locket that can be passed down over generations. Imagine one day being able to give it to your granddaughter before she goes down the aisle. If pendants or lockets aren’t your style, it would also work beautifully as a bouquet or key chain charm. 

Image via Paper and Stitch

Create Your Own Floral Bath Salt Mixture

Take those beloved rose petals and mix them with your bath salts for an extra special soak! This is also a fabulous gift idea for any loved ones and bridal party members using their floral pieces from your wedding day. Check out this DIY from Paper and Stitch to create yours! 

Photo via Pinterest

Resin Holders for Your Wedding Ring

Nowadays one of the trendier options is to create resin pieces with your wedding floral! We love how many options there are with this style of preservation from paperweights and ring holders to shelf decor and coasters. There are so many ideas that you can explore to be able to keep your flowers around forever. P.S. These also make great gifts for family members, the bride and groom or bridal party!  


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