A Moody Desert Elopement with Emerald Green Accents

September 23, 2021

There is something magical and mystical about Red Rock Canyon Elopement that makes the perfect spot for an elopement! Onyx and Arrow Photography captured the elopement of Meagan and Dennis that can be described nothing more than a moody inspired elopement. Their sweet day incorporated rich emerald green hues and bare tones contrasting the colors of the canyons.

elope in vegas


We had a big night out and dinner booked with a group of friends at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was a great evening with good friends and we were all enjoying each others company, mid-way through dinner Dennis leaned over to whisper in my ear and he asked me to help him “take off his shoe.”  I was mortified! I was so confused asking him why in the world he would be taking his shoes off at a nice restaurant, he insisted that he needed to take off his shoe and that his feet where hot! Again, I WAS BEYOND CONFUSED.  I did as he asked and helped him slip off his shoe…anyone that knows Dennis, knows he is obsessed with fashion, especially his SHOES!  So I knew why he was asking me to help because he couldn’t slip it off himself risking scuffing up his shoes.  Immediately after the incident, he asked me to take a picture with him at dinner and because I was seated he knelt down on the floor next to me for the photo.  After having our picture taken he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a ring box.  Again, anyone who knows Dennis knows he is a hug SAP and loves to spill his emotions and as he was kneeling on the floor before me he confessed his love and devotion to me and asked me to be his WIFE!  Of course I said YES!! (then told him to put on his shoe!)  Later that evening, I found out that he asked me to slip off his shoe because he couldn’t crease the toe of his shoes  while kneeling. 

elopement las vegas


Initially, we both envisioned a very large wedding and reception with all of our friends and family, here in Maryland where we live.  We got engaged right before the Covid-19 pandemic began and had no idea what would become of it, so we decided to hold off on the planning process until we saw where the pandemic was going.  We watched many friends scramble to change their wedding plans, making hard decisions deciding who they would cut from their guest lists so they could stay within the current restrictions and guidelines, and re-scheduling over and over again.  At that point we realized Covid was going nowhere and out of frustration one night Dennis said “Let’s just go elope in Vegas!”  I said absolutely NOT, I am NOT getting married by Elvis! and then the wheels started turning…I did a lot of googling and found ELOPEMENT LAS VEGAS and was HOOKED! 

las vegas elopement


What planning process?? Elopement Las Vegas gave us the most laid back, relaxed, and enjoyable planning process that we could ever imagine!  We both knew that we wanted the main focus of our wedding to be about the photography and you all did that for us beyond what we ever imagined!  Planning this wedding was so easy, Emily reached out many times in the months leading up to our ceremony collecting information and understanding our vision that way all we had to focus on was how to get to Las Vegas and where to stay during a Pandemic! Luckily, everything was re-opening slowly at the time of our wedding!  All we had to do was show up and that made this entire process so much more enjoyable because there was no need to become a “bride-zilla” or have any stress leading up to the big day!

elopement las vegas
epic elopement
desert elopement
las vegas elopement


There was nothing unique about my attire, I found my dress at David’s Bridal here in Maryland which was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to wear it again when we have a larger reception for family and friends that did not get to attend our wedding! Dennis however is the fashion specialist in our relationship! He spent months looking for the perfect suit, he was considering getting suits handmade from Italy, and searching the ends of the internet looking for the perfect one.  His favorite color is Green, so one day I had the idea that he wear an emerald suit, and after looking at pictures online he loved the idea! We found the perfect suit and I don’t think we could have found anything better, it looked so amazing contrasting the colors of the Canyons! 

red rock elopement
red rock canyon wedding


Dennis: My most memorable moment was the time leading up to the ceremony. Taking in the surrounding scenery, spending a few moments with our family members before the ceremony and most importantly watching Meagan walk down the aisle felt like I was being given the greatest gift a man could receive! I was on top of the world knowing that I was being connect to the best woman God had for me! 

Meagan: The entire day will always be a very memorable time for me.  Dennis and I still wanted to keep some things very traditional so we did not see one another since we said Good Night and parted ways the evening before our Wedding Day.  The day of the wedding was better than I could ever describe because Elopement Las Vegas and Emily made all the arrangements and planned everything, I got to totally relax and enjoy my wedding day versus scrambling to finalize last minute details!  A very special moment I got to share was the long walk with my father from the parking lot to the ceremony location.  We had a chance by ourselves to talk and share many loving moments, he was able to tell me how much he was looking forward to Dennis becoming part of our family and how proud he was of me.  He even offered a get-away car if I was having any doubts which was not needed since I knew I was about to marry my best friend! I loved that I was able to see Dennis and my family from afar as we walked to the ceremony location.  At that moment all my nerves calmed and I knew I had made the right decision.  Another very memorable moment was the fact that Dennis and I wrote our own vows to one another.  Even though we have always been very good at communicating with one another it was so special sharing our emotions and vows with one another in front of our family.

elopement las vegas


The best advice I can give other couples is to always be honest with one another!  Always share how you are feeling and never sweep even the smallest issue under the rug.  Dennis and I both have been married before so we were fortunate to recognize the errors we made in past relationships and made sure we didn’t fall into old bad habits in ours.  We both feel that you should never hold your significant other responsible for harm done by others in past relationships.  Always support and love one another, remember that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, forgiveness is strength and Love overcomes all! 

epic elopement

Officiant : Rhonda Genco
Photographer : Onyx and Arrow
Floral: Amy Wong Events
Video: Lomax Wedding Films
Coordinator & Permit: Desert Elopement Las Vegas


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