Getting Married in Vegas: A Complete Guide for 2022

May 11, 2022

Getting married in Vegas has unique preconceived notions attached to it. You’re likely thinking about the quick and easy chapel weddings where Elvis or Cupid marry you after a night of partying. Now that does happen a lot, but it’s not the only kind of wedding you can have in Vegas!

There are a few things you need to know about getting married in Vegas, and I’m the one to tell you all about it!

Where You Should Consider Getting Married in Vegas

Vegas is filled with options for you and your partner to potentially get married. Whether it’s on or off the strip, there are so many places to choose from you might find it difficult to choose. 

On The Strip

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the strip offers plenty of options for where you can get married in Vegas. From the GLAMOROUS Bellagio to the unique Neon Museum, there’s a little something for every kind of couple. 

Bride and groom smiling at each other and holding hands as they casually walked around on The Strip, taken by Elopement Las Vegas

Some of my favorite locations include the Four Seasons, Mansion 54, Bellagio, and Downtown. You can look at all the on-the-strip options that I work with right here for more information. 

Off The Strip

Nevada is home to some PHENOMENAL state parks that are perfect for hosting weddings. I frequently suggest couples take advantage of the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, which has several perfect areas for a ceremony! 

Couple wrapping their arms around each other and sharing kisses during their elopement shoot in Desert Love Land Off The Strip

Some of my other top locations include Tule Springs at Floyd Lamb Park, Paiute, Pahrump Valley Winery, and Emeralds at Queensridge. You can look at all the off-the-strip options that I work with right here for more information. 

Where To Stay

Vegas is not running short on several fronts: Elvis impersonators, alcohol, slot machines, and places to stay. So if you’re looking to get married in Vegas, rest assured that there are more than enough options for you to choose from for hotels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnbs, motels, and more.

Some of the best hotels include:


The Venetian Resort

Caesars Palace

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino


Virgin Hotels

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Be sure to book your room well in advance. Vegas is a popular destination, with events always taking place in the city, meaning hotels can fill up quickly. If you’re planning on having guests at your wedding, maybe consider block books as well, to save you the hassle and to maybe get a discount. 

If a big hotel isn’t your vibe, AirBnB is your friend! There are so many adorable spots that feel worlds away from the glitz and glam of the strip.

How You Can Go About Getting Married In Vegas

Getting a Marriage License 

You’ll need to go to Clark county to apply for your marriage license. Pre-registration is a step you should be doing at least 60-days before the wedding is meant to occur. During these 60-days, you’ll need to head to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau to pick up the license. 

The couple must present valid IDs, which include either a:

– Driver’s license

– Passport

– U.S. or foreign country issued I.D. card showing a photo and birthdate

– Military identification or Resident alien card

It costs about $102, which can be paid with cash or credit card. This is a service I handle when I work with my clients. It’s included in my service packages, and I also take care of permits if necessary.

Close-up shot of bride and groom holding hands with the officiant in front of them during their elopement ceremony in Las Vegas

Once you’re married, you will need an additional document referred to as an ‘Apostille.’ This essentially verifies your marriage certificate. This is to provide your home country’s government officials with evidence of your marriage, making it legally binding at home, as it is in the US. 

You’ve got a few options for how to get this step completed:

1. Have the officiant complete the Apostille in the states.

Costs: $350

Takes ten days, but the officiant will handle everything from filing both the marriage certificate and the Apostille document. Then they’ll correct the paperwork if need be before sending off the completed paperwork to your home address.

2. Ask to expedite your formal marriage certificate, no Apostille.

Costs: $50

You complete this entire process alone once you return to your home country. It can be a lot quicker if handled in the US, but it’s possible to do it from your home country. However, it can take longer if you take this route. So if you get married and want to expedite the process request, you can have it the next day, instead of waiting for the 10-days it usually takes.

3. Standard filing. No formal certificate, no Apostille

Costs: $0

You wait for ten days and visit the Clerk’s website to request a legal and official marriage certificate be mailed to your home address at the cost of $15 per copy. Then, you begin the Apostille process alone, communicate with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, and wait 3-4 months.

The Apostille process is very important because while many people love the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,’ nobody wants that to be true about a legitimate marriage!

All-Inclusive Vs. a la carte Wedding Packages

Our all-inclusive package is when we handle just about everything. We secure all the vendors from a carefully selected group of vetted artisans, and we find the best locations, accommodation, and so on to ensure that you can have your dream wedding become a reality. 

Getting married in Vegas: Bride and groom smile at each other as they raise their champagne glasses during their elopement shoot.

An À La Carte is when the couple books various vendors for different things. This can be a bit overwhelming for some couples, and you may enjoy having a point person to ensure everything is in order at all times. But if you’re excited to take on the challenge of getting married in Vegas and you’re looking for straight photography to record your adventure, this is the package for you.

What To Do After Getting Married In Vegas

It’s not a Vegas wedding if you don’t party after the ceremony. People don’t go to Las Vegas for a relaxing weekend. They go to free themselves of the world beyond the bright neon lights and smokey haze of the casinos. 

There are a plethora of options that will keep you entertained for days before heading back home. For starters, you can hit the casinos, and there are a lot of them! Or maybe enjoy one of the hundreds of restaurants available. The strip is covered in casinos, restaurants, clubs, bars, and theaters where shows are always on offer from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Currently: Barry Manilow, Silk Sonic, Rod Stewart, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Aerosmith, and so many more artists have residencies.

Groom smiles as he feeds his bride a slice of pizza after they got married in Vegas, captured by Elopement Las Vegas

There are also a ton of parks, attractions, helicopter tours, horseback tours, The Grand Canyon Skywalk, skydiving, the LINQ Ferris Wheel, bus tours, Cirque de Soleil, wax museums, hot air balloon rides, and so much more. 

FAQ For Getting Married In Vegas

Naturally curious minds have tons of questions when it comes to what it means to get married in Vegas. Here are some of the questions that I ALWAYS come across when people are looking to get hitched in the desert state.

Can My Friend Officiate the Ceremony?

You’ve got two options when it comes to a friend taking center stage as the officiant of the ceremony. Either they can be a performative role where you get married prior to or after the ceremony in a legal sense, and they just perform the ceremony. The second option is to have your friend ordained so they can legally perform the ceremony and have it result in a legally binding marriage. 

Couple sharing a kiss during their elopement ceremony in Las Vegas with their officiant clapping while walking away

Are Same-Sex Marriages Possible in Las Vegas?

Of course! Same-sex marriages have been legal in the United States since 2015. That means you can legally get married in the great state of Nevada regardless of who you’re marrying. Some venues are unfortunately behind the times, but the vast majority are accepting of all kinds of weddings.

Getting married in Vegas: Close-up shot of rainbow socks worn by same-sex couple during their elopement shoot.

Love Elvis, Big Fan. But Does He Have To Marry Us?

No. Elvis impersonators, while a big part of Las Vegas culture, are not the only types of officiants for weddings. You’ll find there are all kinds of officiants for weddings in Vegas., from impersonators to traditional officiants. 


Now you know exactly what to do when it comes to getting married in Vegas! There’s so much to do and see in the desert state when you’re spending it out in the oasis in the sands that is Las Vegas. With all these different kinds of options for a wedding, accommodation, and entertainment, it’s going to be a place you regularly look for an excuse to return to!

If you’re looking to get married in Vegas, allow me to be the one to guide you through the process! I’ve worked with many couples, making their dreams come true and giving them the wedding of their dreams. So get in touch, and let’s make magic happen in Sin City.


Bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of an establishment with a sign that reads Fabulous Las Vegas Jewelry & Gifts; image overlaid with text that reads Getting Married in Vegas: A Complete Guide
Groom carries bride and kisses her during their elopement shoot in Las Vegas; image overlaid with text that reads Getting Married in Vegas: A Complete Guide


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