Dark Moody Elopement at Desert Love Land

July 7, 2022

Intimate elopements are on the rise and we are not complaining at all about it…Especially when the photos turn out as dark and edgy as Candice and Joseph’s. The couple eloped at Desert Love Land and continue the celebration in downtown Las Vegas that offered them a variety of stunning photo ops. Take a peek at their dark and moody elopement in Las Vegas.


Moody with a Twist, Dark Romantic, Unique, Stress Free, Scenic, More than I could ever have hoped for!


Joe wanted to propose somewhere I would never expect. (I was definitely shocked!) We were on our way to family pictures. Already running late (because of me, as usual) Joe was extremely concerned that Roxy was almost out of food! (I was thinking, do we really have to do this NOW?!) He insisted that we stop for dog food. Confused, and stressed for time, I reluctantly agreed to make a detour. Trying to hurry in the store only to see Joe taking his sweet time! We finally made our way to the front, where I saw our puppy, Roxy, running toward us, with a bow and sparkling ring tied around her neck. Joe gets down on one knee and pulls the ring off of her collar! He finally asked me!!! I said, ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!

elopement las vegas
las vegas elopement


Joe and I wanted an easy, stress free day, so that we could just enjoy each other. We also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a single day. After some research of what was available, we knew elopement was the way to go! I knew I wanted a wedding that was a little bit different. I have never been a “traditional” bride where I dreamed of wearing white. I have always wanted to wear black, and have amazing pictures wherever we said “I Do” at, Mission Accomplished!

elope in vegas


We both initially were overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding in a completely different state. The planning, researching, reading reviews and reaching out to different vendors, started feeling like a stress free day would be unobtainable. I looked into countless websites claiming to have packages to cover everything we were looking for. Eventually the heavens opened and I came across ELV! I immediately knew this was the way to go! With extremely gorgeous sites, and very reasonable prices, perfect reviews, and a super simple process, everything I could ever ask for! Once we decided on a location, I put in my input for my vision with flowers and decor, and a few other specifics, and ELV took care of the rest!

epic elopement
las vegas elopement
las vegas wedding
vegas elopement


 Knowing I didn’t want to wear white, I didn’t want to step foot into a normal bridal salon,  searching through a sea of while dresses. I ended up buying my dress from Ypsilon Dresses in SLC, UT. They had countless black dresses to choose from, with whatever look I was going for.  I wanted to make a statement, and look like Jessica Rabbit!

elopement in vegas
vegas elopement
las vegas wedding


Joe and I really aren’t emotional, but the most memorable moment was when I saw Joe tearing up as I walked down the aisle, and we both were holding back tears when our amazing officiant was performing our ceremony. We also absolutely adored our photographers, they made every one of our Pinterest inspo pics come to life!

vegas wedding
elopement las vegas
vegas wedding


Don’t let anyone else influence you into doing a wedding that you don’t want. Have fun, and make the best of your day, because it goes by way too fast!


Officiant :  Peachy Keen Unions

Photo/Video Team : The Combs Creative

Floral: Amy Wong Events

Coordinator  + Permit: Desert Elopement Las Vegas


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