Las Vegas Survival and Hangover Kit Ideas for your Wedding or Bachelorette Party

August 10, 2022

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It is no surprise that putting together a hangover kit would be something to consider
when visiting Vegas. They would be the perfect addition to any hotel room for your
bridal or groom’s party. Las Vegas is known to be the most effortless state to get
married in, and this takes its origin in marital laws being less restricted in the 1930s. The
Little White Chapel became known as the place of the ‘drive-thru’ wedding and has
been used by many celebrities and has been featured in various TV shows.
It goes without saying that attending, or being a part of, a wedding in Vegas will most
likely entail endless drinking, partying, gambling, and a massive hangover the next day.
So, how does one survive this ordeal least painfully? The answer to that is by having a
perfect survival and hangover kit! So, without further ado, let’s dive into which treasures
to use for your survival and hangover kit to aid your endeavors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Survival and Hangover Kit Ideas:
Amazon is the lifesaver of the 21st century! With fast delivery, you can supply your
whole crew with the best survival and hangover kit, making the next day easier.

  1. Tote Bags:
    These are a must when putting together guest packages and will work wonders for your
    survival and hangover kit.
  1. Empty Hangover Bags:
    Much like the tote bags, these empty hangover bags are an excellent option for a
    bachelorette party. The beautiful design will make for a cute keepsake after the big

There is also an option for a less glittery or glamorous hangover bag, with this one
being available to purchase.

Pamper Yourself:

  1. Golden Eye Mask:
    Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be looking your jovial self the next day, and the
    bags under your eyes will definitely make an appearance. This can be avoided, though,
    with these luxurious gold eye masks that are filled with collagen to minimize puffiness.
  1. Deodorant Wipes:
    Keeping BO to a minimum will be a wise thing. So load your survival and hangover kits
    with these aluminum, paraben, and sulfate-free deodorant wipes.
  1. Chapsticks:
    One can never go wrong with a chapstick. Keep your lips moisturized and voluptuously
  1. Sunscreen:
    Keeping that skin protected from harmful UV rays should never be underestimated. So if
    you and the gang plan to be in the sun the next day, you will definitely want to stock up
    on this product.


  1. Tic Tac Fresh Mints:
    No one is glamorous after an eventful night out. So keeping tic tac mints near will be
    advantageous, especially when ignoring the 2-meter rule…
  1. Gum:
    Because gum is needed for any and every occasion.
  1. Disposable Mini Toothbrushes:
    These are definitely a must for survival and hangover kits! Someone is bound to forget
    their toothbrush.
  1. Scope Mouthwash:
    Ensure your guests have fresh breath with this little gem.


  1. Tums For the Tummy:
    Drinking and forgetting any form of adult responsibility comes with a price and an
    uncomfortable one at that. However, there is hope!
  1. Bytox Recovery Patches:
    You’re being called to fulfill your destiny for a night out in Vegas with these patches!
    These Bytox Recovery patches are packed with vitamins and nutrients, designed
    explicitly for those consuming alcohol.
  1. Morning Recovery Drink:
    Supply each guest with this morning recovery drink filled with electrolytes and aimed
    explicitly at alcohol consumption.
  1. Emergen-C Vitamin C:
    Say no more! These will make the day after a lot easier and will boost your immune
    system so that getting back to work once the weekend is done is a lot easier.
  1. Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel:
    What is a night out without anyone falling over and twisting their ankle?
    Heels + drinking = disaster! Add these to your survival and hangover kits to avoid too
    much damage.
  1. OLLY Sleep Aid Gummy:
    Allow these gummies to relax your senses and facilitate a peaceful night’s sleep. They
    are filled with melatonin, L-Theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm to ensure you don’t
    have a restless night.
  1. Alka-Seltzer:
    Your survival and hangover kits will never be complete without this hangover cure.
    Alka-Seltzer aids in pain relief and muscle ache and helps limit mental fatigue.
  1. Visine:
    Ensure that your guests’ eyes stay hydrated with these helpful eye drops.
  1. Motorin Pain Relief:
    Headaches are basically a given. Make sure that your guests feel as much comfort as
  1. Kind Bar:
    Fuel your guests with these caramel almond, sea-salted bars.
  1. Mobile IVs – Hydration Multiplier:
    Hydration Multiplier is a product that contains 5 essential vitamins and 3 x more
    electrolytes than ordinary sports drinks. In addition, it is a GMO-free, soy-free,
    dairy-free, and gluten-free product. Moreover, this company (Liquid IV) donates 1 stick
    to those in need worldwide every time a purchase is made. So, not only will you be
    keeping your guests hydrated, but you will aid in making sure that people have access
    to hydration around the globe!


  1. Shout Wipe and Go:
    Spillage is downage! However, that doesn’t account for stained carpets or bedding.
    Make sure that each survival and hangover kit is filled with these to limit stains.
  1. Cocktail Mixes:
    Pre-drinks are a tradition as old as time. So make sure to stock up on these different
    cocktail mixes so that each guest can get at least one drink in before heading out.
    Bloody Mary Mix

Margarita Mix
  1. Bottle Openers:
    Ensure your guests are fully equipped with these sophisticated bottle openers. Your
    guests will be pleased with these cute keepsakes.

There is something unique about saying “I do” in Las Vegas; there is an element of
adventure and excitement in the city that never sleeps! And now that you have the best
ideas for aiding recovery from a night out stock up and create the most functional
survival and hangover kit yet.


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